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Nutrigenomics Test and Consult

Nutrigenomics Test and Consult

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Have you ever wondered why it seems like you’re always hungry? Why you crave some foods more than others? Why you feel comforted when you have certain foods? It turns out that our overall health is determined by a complex interplay of genetics, lifestyle choices and environmental factors. 

Nutrigenomics is the science behind how genes and nutrition interact. Your genes predict how your body will respond to different nutrients, how you will perform and whether you will be more or less likely to develop disease, depending on which foods you eat. Nutrigenomics can explain why the same foods affect different people in different ways.

  • Evidence shows that one-size-fits-all nutrition recommendations are inefficient and often ineffective. Knowing your genetic variants can guide you to an eating pattern that meets your individual needs, and maximizes your health.    
  • At Cleveland Clinic Canada, we are happy to offer this cutting edge genetic analysis to our patients. We work with a lab called Nutrigenomix, where world-renowned researchers have developed a comprehensive 70-gene test that covers areas such as sport performance, fertility, plant-based eating, skin health and general health. 
  • Genetic analysis is the next frontier in personalized healthcare. Our test uses a simple saliva swab, and results come back in a few weeks. As the science evolves, more connections are made between genes, nutrition and wellness. 
  • The fee for Nutrigenomics testing includes a one-hour follow up appointment with Devon Peart, Registered Dietitian at Cleveland Clinic Canada. Devon will review your results, and develop a personalized nutrition plan to incorporate your recommended foods and optimize your overall health. 
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